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Yinan – Jacksonville, Florida

Sandra has been our immigration lawyer for the past six years and she has successfully represented us on our J-1 waiver case, three H-1B petitions, and the I-485 (green card) application. We came into this country on an J-1 visa and did not return to our home country afterwards. For years we were not able to obtain the green card because of the home residency requirement. We had sought legal advice from at least half a dozen immigration lawyers but none of them were able to provide any real help to overcome this major hurdle. It was sad to say we wasted a lot of money and time and we felt increasingly helpless, worried and frustrated as time went by. Without any prospect of any long-term legal status here, we lived in limbo. We could not even make plans for our kids’ education. Then our employer, a major university in our state, referred us to Sandra. From the very beginning, we knew Sandra was the right lawyer for us. She has an impressive knowledge and practical experiences with the complex laws and the actual workings of the immigration system. She takes the time to listen and talk to us. She looks at the bigger picture, taking into account not only our legal options, but also our professional, career and family situations. She maps out the path and strategies we should take and articulates all this in plain English that we can understand, in the most candid and yet thoughtful way.

Our J-1 waiver case went through a complicated process, involving our employer, and the approval of multiple government departments and agencies. Sandra did a superb job on our behalf communicating with various people across the board, following up on supporting letters and documents, staying on top of deadlines and the numerous requirements and, packaging everything together professionally. Indeed her quality of work, proactive attitude and organizational skills are manifested in every one of the cases she has handled for us. We admire her as an extremely diligent and competent immigration lawyer. We trust her as conscientious and compassionate person. This was why we did not hesitate to go back to her for our green card application, despite suggestions from our well-intended friends that we could do this ourselves. We are glad that we had her help. We realized later that the I-485 application had a lot more to it beyond what was on the main form.

We were quickly approved for our green cards, but our daughter’s application was unexpectedly and inexplicably delayed. Again, Sandra decided to seek help from one of our Senators. She initiated and followed up with the inquiry and got our daughter’s case resolved. Now our family is looking forward to a secured life in this country, and we all know we could not have done it without Sandra. We certainly hope more people can benefit, and we would not hesitate to recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking for immigration advice.