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W.W. – Durham, North Carolina

I am a research fellow at one of the U.S. government research institutes. Sandra helped me to apply for my green card under the “national interest waiver (EB2)” category. I first knew Sandra through a friend, he recommended Sandra as an awesome attorney who helped him with his case. The first time I spoke to Sandra on the phone, I was comfortable talking to her about the case (unlike other attorneys that I had experienced, those attorneys made me feel like I was being interrogated). Sandra was very friendly, using terms I could understand. Sandra explains things clearly and always uses itemized lists (making it easier for me to organize / prioritize the things I need to do for the case). Sandra gave us a great explanation of the process that we would have to go through. I am very satisfied with her and very lucky to have her helping us (my spouse and me) with the case. I would give her 10 out of 10 stars. Sandra prepared every document for the cases — literally everything. Sandra always answers her phone and replies to my e-mails promptly. Our cases went so well, in a speedy fashion. I contacted her in August 2012 (the first phone call to Sandra), and we are getting our green card in April 2013.

Sandra is indeed an awesome immigration attorney! And I feel like I need to spread her awesomeness. I highly recommend Sandra to anybody who wants to get a green card. I have actually already recommended her to some of my friends.