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Viktor Hanak, MD – Boston, Massachusetts

I came to the United States for post-graduate training at the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School. I applied for my green card based on my status as a biomedical researcher whose work is in the national interest of the United States. Sandra Feist assisted with this process, drafting extensive and persuasive materials to demonstrate to the government that my research skills and accomplishments make me deserving of a green card under the “National Interest Waiver” category.

I was 100% satisfied with Ms. Feist’s services. She was incredibly responsive to my questions and always answered telephone calls and responded to emails promptly and with a friendly expertise. I always felt comfortable calling Ms. Feist with my questions and she did not charge separately for these calls.

Ms. Feist’s experience and expertise in the immigration processes surrounding international medical graduates was very reassuring and came through in themanner in which she handled my case promptly and successfully.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sandra Feist’s serves to any physician looking to immigrate to the United States.