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Tzu-Fei Wang, MD – Columbus, Ohio

During my entire medical training in the United States, I was always faced with limited opportunities due to visa issues. Therefore, I was interested in applying for permanent residency, but I have been told repeatedly by several University lawyers that my accomplishments were not sufficient to be eligible, unless I could find an employer for sponsorship. At the end of my training, I decided to look into the possibilities of applying for a green card again. I knew very little where to start, and my colleague who had successfully obtained a green card under Sandra’s guidance gave me her name. I was very impressed with her professional and caring attitude during our very first phone call, so I never looked for another lawyer. It turned out to be the best decision that I could have made in the entire process. I didn’t know how lucky I was to have found Sandra in my first try, but as time went on, with hearing my other friends’ stories about their lawyers and seeing how much Sandra had done for me, I can truly appreciate her great work now.

I remember that in the beginning, I was anxious about my chances of success to apply for the national interest waiver, because I felt my publications were limited. Sandra gave me an honest assessment based on her extensive experience, advised me what to improve, and I went forward because I trusted her. In the process, collecting reference letters from various people was the biggest hurdle to me, and Sandra made it so much easier. She drafted every single letter for me and my references, which was a major help (I did not realize that not all lawyers would provide the same service until much later). I would never be able to write so many of those strong and convincing letters by myself. Even though I was in a different state as she was for the entire time, I did not feel the distance between us. She was always prompt and professional about answering all my questions, no matter how small or maybe ridiculous they were. She eased my anxiety during the expected but long wait for the reply from the USCIC. I could not imagine any other way to go through this process without her help. For anyone out there who is either going to or is currently undergoing the process, I would urge you to look no further. In my opinion, she is truly the best in the field.