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N.E. and L.E.

Let us introduce you to Attorney Sandra Feist who consistently thinks three steps ahead and will mentor and guide you throughout this journey and relentlessly fight to achieve the ultimate goal. Attorney Feist treats you like a member of her family, and this same treatment comes through in her work that she’s so passionate about. She is the most articulate immigration attorney we have ever met and one that has a unique method of finding untapped options to get you on the right path.

To briefly profile my case, I came to the United States on a J1 Visa in 1996 under an 18-month program paid by the US government. I used immigration attorneys, had a sponsor, filled out paperwork on my own and did this repeatedly for over 15 years. Most attorneys told me not to worry, that they would help me file my case and that they were experienced in dealing with J-1 Visas. Having no success and thousands of dollars wasted on attorneys over the course of 15 years, we met with Attorney Feist as a referral and we never looked back. The first meeting was all about discovery for Attorney Feist, and we could tell she genuinely cared about us and was already trying to plan a course of action. Within weeks of working with Attorney Feist, she spent countless hours on our case and was prepared to submit the file. She constantly communicated with us so we knew the status of her preparation, she continually requested documents, information or evidence to help build our case.

Attorney Feist was never afraid to speak up or step in on numerous occasions when immigration officers tried to derail our case or postpone progress. She is professionally aggressive, persistent and strives to get you, the client, the ultimate outcome. There’s no other in comparison to Attorney Feist and she’ll show you her care, commitment and dedication to you when you work with her. Your money is in good hands as she is fair, honest, and committed to you, her client.