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D.B. – Fairbanks, Alaska

Choosing a good immigration attorney is probably the most important step for anyone who needs to apply for a United States visa. My husband and I, with the help of our company manager, tried to get H-1B visas for two years. We were baffled by all the regulations and details that we needed to address. Our friends recommended Sandra Feist, since she handled their case with great success.

Once Sandra took over, everything became so much easier. We followed her instructions, and soon my husband received an H-1B visa and I received a H-4 visa. We eventually received our green cards as well. With Sandra’s help, we were on top of things and never had to send any additional papers or change any contracts, which was a constant struggle when we were trying to do everything on our own. All papers were in order and completed in minimal time, we had everything sent out. Our experience with Sandra and her team was exceptional, and I would sincerely recommend her to everyone.