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Commercial Litigation

Grell Feist attorneys have handled a wide variety of litigation in courtrooms across the country. Jeff Grell has represented many individuals and companies in litigation that was necessary to preserve a lifetime, and sometimes, generations of our clients’ work and economic growth. We are results-oriented advocates who understand that most businesses and people cannot afford to hand their attorney a blank check every month. We strive to achieve results quickly, economically and successfully.

We further recognize that many times a long, drawn out, and expensive litigation process is not the best way to resolve disputes. When possible, our goal is to resolve matters without litigation by conducting investigations, diligent research of the applicable law, and thorough evaluation of the court and opposing parties. We also commonly recommend early negotiation and/or alternative dispute-resolution (ADR) procedures, such as arbitration and mediation.

When circumstances require litigation, we will represent clients aggressively and will do our utmost to provide with the biggest bang for the buck. Moreover, many larger law firms have expressed their confidence in us by referring a significant number of litigated matters.


Jeff Grell recently represented a manufacturer of computer hardware that broadcasts a broadband internet signal from cellular telephone towers. A recycler of computer hardware allegedly violated the client’s copyright in software imbedded on the hardware after the recyler purchased and resold the manufacturer’s used products. The parties resolved the matter mid-way through discovery.

Jeff represented an attorney in Minnesota who was scammed by international con-artists who posed as clients. After the con-artist deposited a substantial settlement in the form of a cashier’s check in the attorney’s trust account, they instructed the attorney to wire the money overseas. The attorney wired the money after being assured by his bank that the check had cleared. The check later turned out to be a forgery. The attorney and his bank brought claims against each other for the funds that were lost. The matter was resolved after substantial discovery.

Jeff represents a variety of clients involved in the consumer credit business. From 2008 until 2010, Jeff was an assistant attorney general for the State of Minnesota. In that capacity, he brought numerous actions on behalf of the State against debt settlement companies who were operating in Minnesota without a license, who were otherwise allegedly violating Minnesota’s debt settlement laws, and/or who were allegedly defrauding Minnesota consumers. Since returning to private practice, Jeff has represented many similar companies in actions brought against them by the State.

In 2010, Jeff traveled to Australia to advise a group of investors on U.S. securities laws and their extra-territorial application.

In 2006, Jeff was retained by members of a Kuwaiti Family, who sought advice relating to the management of a $4 billion fortune. Jeff spent over a week in Kuwait, mediating among family members, advising family members of their rights under U.S. law, and consulting with Kuwaiti regulators with regard to securities regulation and government corruption.

Other matters handled by Jeff include (but are not limited to): representing a Minnesota printing press sales company in litigaiton against an Iowa competitor and a Japanese manufacturer who allegedly made false statements to the Minnesota company’s customers and engaged in other tortuous actions. Jeff also represented a Japanese manufacturer who sued its U.S. distributor in Japan for trade secret misappropriation. The U.S. distributor then brought suit in the United States for breach of contract. The U.S. claims were dismissed in favor of the Japanese action on the basis of forum non conveniens. In the past, Jeff represented the Mall of America when it was sued by a class of foreign-born taxi cab drivers who alleged racial, religious and ethnic discrimination. The cab drivers’ class claims were not certified and the remaining claims were dismissed on a motion for summary judgment.

For a more complete description of Jeff’s experience, please see his bio.